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Cryptographic Hashing Study - MD5, SHA, CRC32


To understand what a hash is we need to understand how it works and the various types that are available. Hashes are a string of characters that are created through a cryptographic algorithm....

Study of the Key Reinstallation Attacks (KRACK) Vulnerability


This study's objective is to investigate the Key Reinstallation Attacks (KRACK) vulnerability related with Wireless Fidelity (Wi-Fi) networks and the Wi-Fi Protected Access 2 (WPA2) protocol...

Advantages and Disadvantages of Cloud Computing


This study analyzes cloud computing and its advantages and disadvantages in an effort to aid organisations in making informed decisions about whether to use it or not....

Poodle Vulnerability Report - SSL3


This report describes the vulnerabilities that can be exploited systems and applications targeted by the SSL3 POODLE attack....

Presidential Administration Policies to Fight Cybercrime


The proliferation of cybercrime is increasingly becoming a critical management issue with the United States government identifying it as one of the most serious national and economic challenges facing the nation....